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TCL Mardin Gourmet Blend (Mixed Flavor)

Turkish Coffee Lady’s very own gourmet blend will take you to a timeless journey to Mardin. 

Mardin, in southeastern Turkey, is a city where many religions and languages have coexisted in peace for centuries. The city was added to a tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Mardin is a city in a rocky region in southeastern Anatolia. 

The city is mainly medieval in origin and is situated on the slopes of a rocky hill, crowned by a fortress built on its citadel.  The city as a whole with its traditional stone, religious, and vernacular architecture and its terraced urban pattern is the best-preserved example of Anatolian soil. 

TCL Mardin Gourmet Blend (Mixed Flavor) created by award-winning coffee expert Cenk Girginol. Orders will be ready to be shipped in Fall 2020

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