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TCL Aegean Gourmet Blend (Mastic Gum Flavor)


Mastic flavored coffee called “Damlasakizi” is specific to Turkey and the syrup is added to Turkish coffee on the Aegean coast. It is a natural flavoring obtained from the mastic tree. This item includes 100 gr/3.5 oz of Turkish Coffee. 1 pack: 100 gr (~10 servings)

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Inspired by Turkey’s rich cultural heritage, Turkish Coffee Lady’s newly crafted coffee blends aim to highlight the country’s centuries-old culinary traditions. Aegean gourmet coffee blend will take you to a timeless journey to this historic region and beautiful coast.


Created by award-winning coffee expert Cenk Girginol, Aegean gourmet blend with mastic gum is a medium roast and 100% Arabica finely ground coffee. The special artwork on the package featuring Aegean is made with coffee grounds by micro art master Hasan Kale.


5% of the sales from each blend for one year will support the women mentorship and leadership development programs of Turkish Coffee Lady Foundation, which is a Washington DC, based non-profit organization.


We invite you to experience the unique flavor of Aegean Turkish coffee and this 500-year old living cultural heritage!

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