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Ahmet Serif Izgoren - The Gang of Black Arrows


Ahmet Serif Izgoren - The Gang of Black Arrows

  • Ahmet Serif Izgoren

The Turkey of 1928 - a country still fresh from war.. Mysterious letters waiting to be read for many years, passwords needing to be solved, roads yet to be traveled... A mystery in a painting, secret agents... A secret mission to fulfill...

Erim, his close friend Zafer, Nisan, and Erim's twin sisters, Sanem and Simin...

Are you ready to set off with the Gang of Black Arrows on an exciting and dangerous journey full of adventures where you'll encounter unimaginable situations and find yourself breathless? Then hold on tight!

The end may not be what you expect at all. Go on this journey today: Shoot your own diary with your camera or video camera, then send it to us and wait.

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