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Our Family

Bridging Cultures Since 2009

Turkish Coffee: "Taste of Friendship for 500 Years"

Turkish Coffee Lady is an authentic gourmet coffee business continuing a 500-year-old tradition of bridging cultures. It is the first and only authentic gourmet coffee business in the U.S. with the mission of building a global community of coffee lovers. There is a famous Turkish saying that goes “A cup of Turkish coffee is remembered with an appreciation for 40 years” which means offering a cup of coffee binds a friendship. 

Turkish Coffee Lady shares her passion for her heritage and brings societies together over their mutual love for coffee.

Meet Our Family Members

Gizem Salcigil White
Founder & CEO President of Turkish Coffee Lady Foundation
Ahmet Serif Izgoren
Co-Founder & Mentor
Feriha Istar
Community Outreach Director
Besim Hasar
Operations & Finance Director
Seher Bozdemir
Marketing Communications Manager
Layla Amirhadji
Corporate Relations Manager
Işık Taçoğlu
Coffee Princess
Belgin Khubiar
Coffee Reader
Funda Dougherty
Spiritual Reader
Goknur Akcadag
Turkey Director
Tugba Yesir
Turkey Coordinator
Aleyna Güven
Marketing Coordinator

Turkish Coffee Lady - Timeline

The key moments that have shaped the Turkish Coffee Lady

May 2020
Turkish Coffee Lady

Turkish Coffee Lady

"Turkish Coffee Lady" Gizem is the Founder and CEO of Turkish Coffee Lady, Inc, an authentic gourmet coffee shop chain based in Washington DC

May 2020
Top 40 Most Influential Turkish Americans

Top 40 Most Influential Turkish Americans

In March 2017, Gizem was named as one of "Top 40 Most Influential Turkish Americans" by Turk of America Magazine.

May 2020

n December 2013, Gizem’s project was recognized as the “Cultural Diplomacy Project of the Year” by Digital Diplomacy Review.

May 2020
Turkish Coffee Truck

Turkish Coffee Truck

In May 2012, Turkish Coffee Truck project honored by the U.S. Congress for fostering friendship between the Turkish and American peoples through their shared love of coffee

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