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Press Release

TCL Gourmet Coffee Series Empowers Women

Newly Crafted Coffee Blends Aim to Highlighting Turkey’s Heritage
While Bridging Cultures

(Washington DC - July 30, 2020) The award-winning social entrepreneur and gastro diplomacy expert Gizem Salcigil White, known as the Turkish Coffee Lady, is launching a brand-new gourmet coffee collection featuring Turkey’s national treasures. Inspired by the country’s rich cultural inheritance, eight different flavors will represent each historical region including Istanbul, Mardin, Cappadocia, Aegean, Zeugma, Göbeklitepe, Patara, and Ephesus. The delicious flavors include traditional, mixed, mastic gum, cardamom, caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, and strawberry. In celebration of the small business’ third anniversary, the first four coffee blends will be available starting on July 30th for pre-orders on Coffee blends are crafted by gastronomy and coffee expert Cenk Girginol, and their special artwork designed by micro art master Hasan Kale known as Turkey’s Microangelo. The new gourmet coffee series will be ready to be shipped in Fall 2020 in partnership with Goksu Global. “Anatolia has been at the crossroads of civilizations for thousands of years and Turkey is the melting pot where East and West meet. Turkish coffee culture is recognized by UNESCO’s World Heritage List as a cultural heritage that should be protected. We are dedicated to sharing Turkey’s culinary traditions and improving the lives of women through gastro diplomacy.” said Salcigil White.

In order to support women empowerment in the post-covid-19 era, White announces that %5 of the sales from each blend for one year will support the mentorship and leadership development programs of TCL Foundation, which is a Washington DC, based non-profit organization launched on March 8, 2020, International Women’s Day. Associate Professor Goknur Akcadag, who is currently the Head of History Department at Nisantasi University and actively conducting gender and woman studies, will be the director for the Turkey chapters. Between 2011-2018, Goknur Akcadag worked as a Head of Research and Development and Project and External Relations Department at the General Directorate of the Status of Women. Goknur Akcadag currently serves as one of the global ambassadors of the “UN Women’s Economic Empowerment Platform”. "Female-owned businesses are one of the most affected during this worldwide pandemic. Our Virginia based women-led small business has been severely impacted by Covid-19, and we had to close down our first brick and mortar store permanently. However, our team is committed to continuing our mission of building bridges between cultures through women empowerment. We believe that one woman’s impact can reverberate across her community for generations to come like a pebble creating ripples. Our newly designed website will help us pivot our small business while encouraging other women entrepreneurs by highlighting their impactful work during these challenging times.” said Salcigil White.

The new e-commerce site, designed by Inomoon Digital Agency, is not limited to Turkish coffee products. Guests can find traditional Turkish coffee tea sets, gourmet Turkish delights, and baklava, mouth-watering salty and sweet treats, automatic coffee makers, and other vintage gift items from Turkey. Online coffee reading sessions will be also available as well as daily fortune features provided by our long-time partner Faladdin, a popular application in Turkey and abroad.

Turkish Coffee Lady is a specialty coffee business. The founder Gizem Salcigil White is a Turkish-American mother entrepreneur, who has been traveling the world with an award-winning Turkish Coffee Truck since 2012 as a cultural diplomacy initiative. She launched the specialty Turkish coffee business with her partners in July 2017 with a mission of building a global community of coffee lovers and is committed to inspiring women entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.


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