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How to see your future in a Turkish coffee cup? By 

Most people are familiar with using tea leaves to read the future, in part because it’s such a popular trope in movies. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you might remember the scene where Professor Trelawney reads Harry’s future in a cup of tea leaves. 

However, did you know that you could also read the future using coffee? Yes, coffee lovers rejoice! The practice of using coffee grounds to read the future, known as tasseomancy, is popular in Turkey and other countries where this particular style of coffee is drunk frequently.  

Whether for fun or if you really believe in the power of coffee grounds to see the future, tasseomancy can give you answers to some of the most pressing questions in your life. 


Essential Tools For Reading Your Future In a Turkish Coffee Cup 

There are three things that you need to read your future in a Turkish coffee cup. 

1. Turkish coffee 

It is essential that you choose Turkish coffee as you would need the fineness of the grounds to leave the right pattern. If you use a larger grind, you will not be able to distinguish any symbols in the pattern left behind in the grounds. 


2. Turkish coffee pot 

While you can technically use any espresso machine to brew your Turkish coffee, you should use a Turkish coffee pot to make Turkish coffee. A Turkish coffee pot will allow the grounds to be poured into your cup, while most espresso makers are designed to separate the grounds from the coffee. 


3. White cup 

If you have the budget, you can use an authentic Turkish coffee cup to have the whole genuine experience. Otherwise, you can just use a white cup to make the patterns easier to read.  


How Does It Work? 

 There are two ways to read your future in a Turkish coffee cup: inside the cup or in the saucer.  

After drinking the coffee, there will be a layer of thick and muddy sediment left behind in the cup.  

Swirl the cup, then turn it upside down on a saucer. The grounds will create a pattern in the saucer, as well as leave behind a pattern on the surface of the cup.  

Keep in mind that expert Turkish coffee fortune tellers will advise that you don’t read your own cup because you will be colored by your own bias. However, you can read your own cup if you are still learning how to read the patterns in a Turkish coffee cup. 

Reading fortunes in a Turkish coffee cup starts at the handle. If you are right-handed, move from the right side of the cup to the left, and vice-versa if you are left-handed.  

You should also keep in mind that reading patterns in a Turkish coffee cup is subjective; no two readers will come up with the same conclusions. What’s more, you read a Turkish coffee cup as a whole, and not by singling out particular patterns. 


Some Popular Symbols In Turkish Coffee Cup Reading And What They Mean 

Here are some of the most popular symbols in Turkish coffee cup reading and what they mean: 

Face – you have a loved one that is worried about you. 

Dog – you have loyal friends around you. 

Pear – a symbol of good financial status in the future. 

Horse – you are a person who loves adventure and new experiences. 

Bird – you are about to receive good news. 

Tornado – you will experience troubles but you will be victorious. 

Key – you will achieve success in your latest endeavors. 


As with all types of fortune telling, Turkish coffee cup reading is not an exact process. As you are learning how to read a Turkish coffee cup, you will learn more about the art and how it can apply to your life. You can reach out to expert Turkish coffee cup readers for pointers on how to hone your craft. It’s a great way to entertain your friends and families at parties and gatherings! Plus, you all get to drink delicious coffee. It’s a win-win! 

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